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MyFreeCams- How popular is it really?

Quick facts about MyFreeCams site:

  • An adult cam site where models and users can chat text and live video chat in live performance
  • You can access more advanced features by purchasing tokens
  • Contains explicit content
  • Boasts of over 23 million members globally
  • You can register as a model or as a viewer
  • Professional Cam Models
  • Free cams
  • live cams
  • favorite models


More facts about MyFreeCams?

  • MyFreeCams was created in 2002 and since then, the site has become one of the most popular adult cam chat websites. MyFreeCams has more than 5 million users globally, and thanks to this number and the high traffic, models in this site can never walk away with empty pockets. On the viewer’s side, It is sexual, fun and a adult webcam community where you can get maximum satisfaction.
  • Site claims that explicit content like pornographic and disturbing photos are not welcome on this site. But the featured live shows and video chats are actually the opposite of what the site claims.
  • MyFreeCams has a strict verification process for those who want to become members. Age is, in fact, a very important consideration in this site, especially for members who want to upgrade to premium. You may need to provide proof of identification for account verification.
  • In order to have access to the advanced features, members need to purchase tokens. Both public and private shows can be accessed. You can also participate in private messaging if you have enough tokens.
  • Mobile app still missing. However, the site’s mobile version works perfectly on iPhone and Android gadgets. In this review, we are going to explain in details the features offered at MyFreeCams. This will help you make an informed decision on whether or not this site is the best option for you.

How Many Members In MyfreeCams?

  • Over 1.8 million users from the United States

How many new members monthly?

  • The site registers 115,000 plus new members on a monthly basis
  • Most members are from the United States

What is the male/female ratio?

There are more males, 82% at MyFreeCams than females, and 18%

  • Premium members can enjoy club shows and group shows as well
  • Most of the members are in the age group of between 25 and 35
  • The site has over 5 million members from different parts of the world

Over the years, it is not only the popularity of the site that has increased but also the number of members and visitors. Most people who visit MyFreeCams site are from the United States.

A large percentage of people who have registered at the site so far are males. On the other hand, the site has more female models than male models. Models in the site make up 20% of the total members.

MyFreeCams website is also easy to use. This is probably the reason why there are more young adults at the site than any other group. These are both males and females of ages ranging from 25 to 40.

This is actually the age group where most people satisfy their sexual desires from adult cam sites. According to statistics, over 24 new users visit MyFreeCams website every month. This brings us to a total of 75M million, both new and existing users per month.

How Do I Sign up at MyFreeCams

  • Free registration. Your email address is required
  • The site monitors accounts even after you register
  • Guest members don’t have to sign up
  • You can either register as a member to view or as a member to earn model

User can visit the site as a guest member with no registration. When registering, you have to provide your email address. To become a basic member, you will need to verify your email. It is possible to explore the site without using tokens.

But your options will be limited to viewing member profiles, searching and watching public shows. Those who purchase tokens automatically become premium members. But here, you have to provide additional proof of age and identity.

These stringent requirements are to ensure that the underage group does not access the site. You are only allowed to access the site if you are below 18 years, or even 21 years depending on your location.

If you want to register at the site as a model, go to the model sign up page. Models here earn based on viewers feedback and performance. For similar sex cam sites look at: Cam4, Camrabbit, Livejasmin, Camsoda, Bongacams, Imlive and Stripchat.

How Do I Make Contact?

  • Premium members enjoy offers like messaging models, sending private messages and video attachments, and join conversations in models chat rooms.
  • Basic members are restricted from accessing models chat rooms
  • It is against the site rules and regulations to share disturbing and pornographic images on the site
  • You can leave a comment on other members’ profiles. This feature is only available for premium members. Basic members and guests do not have this option.

The website claims that disturbing photos, videos and messages are not allowed on the site. However, the homepage itself shows members who are almost nude, or too sexy for that matter.

And even their live shows contain this illicit content. So if you are on this site to see something naughty, those videos and graphic images on MyFreeCams site will in no doubt entertain you.

Another thing we noticed was the Cam Girl models at MyFreeCams who never disappoint. The models know that they are here for money and can do whatever it takes to leave their viewers satisfied to the maximum.

Some models in the site are extremely gorgeous, while others are average. So if you can afford enough tokens, there is nothing that should stop you from having a good time with MyFreeCams models.

How are profiles approved?

  • Layout your own profile
  • Follow 4 steps to complete your profile
  • Uploaded photos are approved before going live
  • You can choose what to hide and what to display on your profile
  • Profiles with explicit materials are banned

Most profiles at MyFreeCams are very fascinating. It just depends on how creative you are in building the profile. You can even rearrange parts of the profile if you like.

Are there any tips filling out my profile?

  1. The first requirement is to provide basic information and physical characteristics. These include profile availability, location, headline, gender, birthday, marital status, sexual preferences, ethnicity, hair, eyes, weight, body type and height.
  2. Secondly, you have to provide details about your habits. This can be drinking, smoking, taking drugs, etc. You also have to provide your occupational details, favorite food, school or college, car, pets etc.
  3. The third part is all about your favorites; it can be books, music, talents, and hobbies. Here, you also have to give information on your turn on and turn offs, your perfect details, the meaning of life according to you and the idea of a perfect date.
  4. In part four, you have to give answers about some situations. You will find questions like the craziest thing you’ve ever done, the top 4 things that you really can’t live without, where you would like to be at this moment, the things you do for leisure and reason why people should like you. You can even add additional information on your bio.

Do I need to answer all the questions?

Actually don’t need to answer all these questions, so relax if you don’t want to. It is only the fields which you answer that will be displayed on your MyfreeCams profile.

However, profiles with more information tend to look way better compared to those with little or no information. Also, the information you provide won’t affect your match results in any way. Still, having a detailed profile can make your profile look more appealing to other members.

So make use of this chance to provide as many details as you can and make your profile stand out. After all, the first impression matters a lot when it comes to adult cam sites. And it starts with how your profile looks.

If you know of any computer-related term, like CSS, it will also give you the knowledge to edit your profile the way you like. Those who don’t know CSS also have a simpler and better option to checkout.

Profiles with explicit content information are disqualified. But since a lot of this content is in the site, MyFreeCams doesn’t pay much attention to this.


MyFreeCams profile

What is the Mobile Version like?

  • MyFreeCams doesn’t have a mobile app
  • Mobile version, however, is easier to use than the desktop version
  • Most members, 65% of them actually, prefer using their mobile phones to access the site
  • When you use your phone browser, the site won’t take much space on your phone
  • Mobile version is handy for people who like maximum privacy when visiting the site


MyFreeCams missing an app. But the site itself is mobile friendly. When you login to the site with your mobile phone, you will be asked whether you prefer the mobile site or desktop site. Comparing the desktop site and mobile site, the latter appears to be more organised.

Besides that, all the other functions look the same. The mobile version has a sleeker design. So if you want to get the best experience when using MyFreeCams, try the myfreecams mobile version. Based on statistics, more than half of the members use their mobile phones to access the site.

This is probably because it is convenient and you can access the site from any location.

Here is a real life review!

Got interested in MyFreeCams the first time I heard the name. It is a college mate who introduced me to the site. The Site was easy to register and I could browse different profiles soon after registration.

I wanted to upgrade to premium, so I tried purchasing some tokens. Then out of some reason that I don’t know about, my account was blocked.

I contacted support and was asked to give details about my full names. I provided the details, but a few minutes later, I could not access the account anymore; it was completely closed. What was the problem?

Well, that aside, I could see very pretty models at the site and since I had not yet upgraded to premium, I didn’t lose any money. John, 34

How is The Design and Usability?

At first sight, the MyFreeCams website design appears to be overwhelming. But it isn’t. Actually, the sight is very simple to use. The homepage itself offers a wide range of features like your profile, new feeds, member rooms, and members’ profiles, among others.

All the icons you find here are also labelled. And this makes it easier for everyone, including the not-so-techy people to use.

The members’ list takes the larger part of the homepage. Even the newest members are shown here. You can find their profiles, username, photos and shortcuts to their chatrooms.

The primary theme of this site is white and green. But profiles here vary.

As we already mentioned, MyFreeCams members are free to layout their profiles. So if you want, you can make your profile brighter than anyone else’s, or even come up with a dark but unique design.

You can find a large number of appealing designs here, but you can also find others that are not that pleasing to the eyes. Members can also choose to make the icons in their profiles bigger. If you have poor eyesight, bigger icons are better for you.

It will actually help you to navigate through the homepage with ease. Last but not least, users decide what they want to display on their profiles. You can hide some information that doesn’t look too good for others to see. There is a customisation option on the upper right part of the homepage.

What does MyFreeCams Cost?

Services offered for free

  • View chat rooms
  • Chat
  • Add bookmarks
  • Customise your profile
  • Advanced search settings
  • Add models to your friend’s list

Paid services

  • Spy voyeur
  • Private shows
  • Club shows
  • Group shows
  • Private messaging
  • Tip

Duration/coins. Credit

Duration/coins. credit Cost in USD Total in USD
900 coins 0.08/coin 74.99
500 coins 0.09/coin 49.99
200 coins 0.10/coin 19.99

Is MyFreeCams cheap or expensive?

Compared to other adult cam sites, MyFreeCams charges an average price

Payment options

Credit card

  • You can upgrade to premium by purchasing tokens
  • All payments are made via credit card. It is a third-party collection agency that collects the payments
  • MyFreeCams does have coupon and discount offers. All the tokens here carry fixed prices.
  • Purchase of tokens are made in USD regardless of where you are in the world

Basic members can access important features of the site, but they won’t be able to directly interact with models and other members. In short, being a basic member makes you invisible and you will only be restricted to observing the site.

With premium membership, you can join conversations in chat rooms. So the more tokens you have the more exciting your experience will be.

Are There Special features?

MyFreeCams has a variety of unique features. But most of these are only available when you subscribe to premium. Some of these features include;


You will automatically become a premium member when you purchase tokens. With premium membership, you can watch club shows, group shows, or a private show. You can watch performances from your favourite models and even leave a comment about the performance in the chatbox.


When watching shows at MyFreeCams, you can also leave a tip in the form of tokens for the models. Members can also request for a specific performance depending on what the model is offering and pay extra tokens for that performance.

Profile layouting

You can choose colours, themes and the information that comes first and last on the profile. You can make your profile as creative as possible in order to engage more members.

Our rating: Out of 5

  • Sign up: 3.5
  • Profile quality: 3.5
  • Making contact: 3.0
  • App: 2.0
  • Real-life review: 3.0

Editor’s conclusion

MyFreeCams promises unique experiences, which you are likely to get considering the huge traffic. If you are more interested in random chats rather than a serious relationship, the site is worth considering. If you feel that MyFreeCams doesn’t have the features you want or the models here aren’t so good, consider other dating sites that can spice up your dating game.

Frequently asked questions

What can I use MyFreeCams coins for?

Use the coins to spy or voyeur, watch private shows, activate some private features, give tips and join group chats.

How to search for MyFreeCams models

On top of the models’ list, there is a search bar that you can use to search for your favourite models. You can use keywords such as topics, usernames, model tags and posts.

Can I change my email address?

Yes. But before changing it, you provide a copy of your government-issued ID card for identity verification.

When I click start my webcam, what happens next?

This will turn on your webcam which will be shared by other members and models. Members can edit access to their videos by changing their personal options.

I don’t know how to enter a models chat room

It is simple. Just click on any model at MyFreeCams and enter her chatroom.

What are the different types of memberships at MyFreeCams?

When you enter the site for the first time, you are regarded as a guest member and get a random nickname. You will also have the option of creating a basic account, which is free. But it is only when you buy tokens that you become a premium member.

What is the main difference between club shows and group shows?

Group shows are private, and other members can also request to join. However, club shows are only for members of models shared club.

Can I get reward points?

Yes. You can get 1 reward point for 10 purchased tokens

What is camscore?

This is the overall performance of a model at MyFreeCams over a certain period.

What can I use my tokens for?

Once you purchase tokens and become a premium member, you can use the tokens for giving tips, watching shows, and claiming reward points.

I got a letter from MyFreeCams through the postal office

MyFreeCams doesn’t send letters through the post office. So the letter isn’t really from the site

Is it safe to provide my credit card details?

MyFreeCams won’t access any of your credit card information. It is a third party agency that collects payments and handles other issues related to billing.

Is the information I provide on the site safe and secure?

Yes. All the information shared on MyFreeCams is encrypted

Can I find underage members at the site?

When you register at MyFreeCams, the first requirement is to disclose your age. Another requirement is to provide proof of identification like a government-issued ID card or drivers licence to verify your identity and age as well.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can get refunds, but not for the tips issued, spy and group shows. You can also get a refund of your tokens in the form of money, but it won’t be more than 1000 dollars.